Our Story

Lady Dragonfly is a traveling boutique created by Katie LaFitte. Our mission is to inspire and contribute to women's lives. 

Because of the difficult economic times many of us are facing, we don't think you need to sacrifice your beauty. Therefore, we strive to provide stylish and unique clothing and accessories at very affordable prices. 

We sell through in-home trunks shows. Our trunks shows offer women the opportunity to feel connected to one another while having a fun time doing what we love to do most...shop. On occasion, you will see Lady Dragonfly at various events throughout Northern California and Nevada, or attending local community fairs.

People ask..."why the name Lady Dragonfly"? The name was inspired by a story about a water bug that transformed into a Dragonfly. The Dragonfly tried to go back to his past, but realized he couldn't. Through life, we make decisions. Not always good. We can't go back and change those decisions. All we can do is accept where we have been, live for today, and create our future. 

Thank you for your support and interest by visiting our website. We hope we have the pleasure of meeting you face-to-face one day, and having you inspire us! 


Lady Dragonfly

"Be beauty. Be confidence. Be love." - Lady Dragonfly


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